Community Association Management Services: How to Find the Most Suitable Company

The decision to obtain community association management services (CAMS) often becomes more obvious as a governing body realizes the required duties are far more than what volunteers can accomplish. This realization does not imply that volunteers are failing to do their job, but instead is a sign of lacking the skills or time required to keep a community in top shape. Professional services are considered in scenarios where individuals cannot keep up or problems have been noticed in specific areas of responsibilities such as accounting. An association making the leap to bring in an experienced outside party must be careful about who they choose to ensure the supplied help fills necessary gaps at an acceptable cost. Every situation is different, consequently making it difficult to outline every detail a board should cover when evaluating HOA management professionals; however, a few tips can prove to be useful regardless of the scenario being experienced by a governing body.

HOA Management: Where Should a Board Begin?

Associations thinking about or deciding between HOA management providers should begin by forming a list showing what responsibilities the service will complete. A firm does not have to perform every task, and generating a list of what duties will be taken over is helpful in receiving a price within budget. The process can be viewed much like a company interviewing individuals for a specific job. Duties must be properly outlined along with the required experience. Knowing what is desired upfront allows for a more productive interview with each prospective company offering community association management services. This process provides a good idea of what services and attributes are being sought among the various candidates to be interviewed.

Boards having a tough time determining where to start in the hunt for a qualified and dependable HOA management provider can begin with these tasks before searching:

Identifying Needs
Creating a Preliminary Research Committee
Determining Licensing Requirements
Researching Community Associations Institute Certification
Verify the Provider Does  IT Consultancy London Background Checks
A list of what the company offer is effective as a board searches for providers to interview. It is best to form a committee capable of researching their available services and company backgrounds to put together a solid candidate list. This same committee can perform another evaluation after each candidate has been properly interviewed. Some states require managers to be licensed and this credential is necessary when required by law.

As with any job, criminal background checks are another necessity because they prevent the occurrence of fraudulent activities regarding money or additional aspects of community governance. A board can also perform their own background checks on firm employees to be extra safe. Does the company have sufficient insurance concerning available services and their employees? The committee needs to verify appropriate liability coverage along with workers compensation. Contractual terms must be accurate and have the appropriate termination provisions. Boards seeking community association management services should always review the fine print. Attempting to negotiate shorter contract lengths rather than the average of three years can be beneficial, and fee schedules should be obtained while interviewing to have a proper comparison between all competing providers.


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