Why You Should Use Cedar Siding for Your Home’s Exterio

Cedar siding has long been the choice of homeowners who are looking to add lasting beauty and character to their home. Cedar is very popular because of the warm feeling and natural beauty that it adds. best stain for cedar siding

There are many different types of cedar siding depending on what you are looking for, including lap siding, tongue and groove siding and board and batten siding. All of these different types are very durable and attractive, which make them ideal for exterior siding. These types of cedar are not only used for siding,

but they are also often used as trim and decking materials. They have preservatives that make them resistant to rot and insect damage. Using cedar over other building materials is also a very environmentally friendly solution because it is a renewable resource that can be recycled.

Choosing the Best Options for You

Often times when a home owner chooses what type of cedar and what grade they want, the next option is how they are going to finish their siding. There are many different options. You can use solid paint types of finish that will give the wood a distinct color. You could also use a semi-transparent stain, which is popular because it helps protect the wood from moisture and ultraviolet rays. Another reason to choose a semi transparent stain over a solid painted color is because the stain leaves the natural beauty of the wood and the natural feel of the cedar. Whether you choose to have the cedar siding stained or painted there are companies that have the ability to pre-finish the lumber so that it comes to your house ready to go. When you use this option, it often times saves money and time during the installation process. When the siding comes to you pre-finished, installation is as simple as nailing it up on your house.

Cedar Siding Maintenance

Remember that cedar siding does have a maintenance component when being used on your home. First, during installation make sure that you fill nail holes and repair overly driven nails into the wood to ensure the finish stays moisture resistant. Depending on the location, climate and circumstances of the area you live in, you should also be refinishing the cedar you’re siding. Depending on whether you used a solid color finish or a semi transparent finish there could possibly be different techniques to restore it.

If you used a solid color finish then you will need to clean the surfaces of the siding, chip away any cracked finishes, sand the siding back to the bare cedar, clean and rinse thoroughly and then apply the new coating of finish. Applying a second coat of finish is usually recommended. If you used a semi-transparent stain, then this process may seem a little easier. You can cut out the step of chipping away old finish and sanding when you use a stain. You’ll want to use an abrasive brush to clean away dirt and mildew, clean the surface thoroughly and then apply another top coat of stain. Depending on the length of time it has been since the siding has been refinished, you may want to consider a second coat if needed.

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